International German Genealogy Partnership

Partner Listings

One of the main goals of the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) is to assist those researching their German heritage to be able to locate other partners that may be able to assist them.  
Please Note: Each organization or society that is part of IGGP, retains their own membership and benefits.  While some of their resources may be free and available to the public others may require membership.  Membership in one of the partners does not give you membership benefits to all partners in the IGGP.
Current Partners - is a listing of all partners with links to a page with additional detailed information.
Two special listings have been created.  
  • By Location - where the partner is based.  We hope this will help you find educational programming or assistance when doing research in these areas.  This list is categorized by country or by individual state in the United States.
  • By Focus - where the partner resources are focused.  Some partners cover a specific area and others are broader in scope and cover an entire country, region or worldwide.